I’m so remiss in not sharing this recipe with you earlier and for that you may pelt me with canned artichoke hearts.  I deserve it.  I have been making this for years and it’s one of my favorite appetizers ever.

It will remind you of that classic spinach-artichoke dip that we all know and love but with a lighter, brighter, more sophisticated treatment.  I love scooping up the warm, cheesy, mayonnaise-y version with a Triscuit as much as the next girl but I love this one equally.  The toasted walnuts are so good and the lemon juice is a welcome bright note that complements the artichokes perfectly.

One additional note: after you drain, rinse and chop the artichoke hearts, I would drain them again.  A lot of water is released when they’re chopped and you don’t want the relish to be too soggy.  I assume.  No judgments.

You can make it a day ahead and serve with your favorite cracker (including Triscuits!) and veggies.

The recipe, from Real Simple magazine, is here.