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I was intrigued by this recipe when it took a certainly nonconsensual ride on the social media rollercoaster on a facebook cooking group I belong to. It went like this: popular>wildly popular>backlash (“would people PLEASE stop posting about these biscuits!” and “I am LEAVING THIS GROUP FOREVER if one more person posts a picture of these biscuits I mean it you will NEVER see me again” and #cancelthebiscuits)>moved on to arguing about other things. How could I not make them? The fact that I have young adults, aka eaters, staying with me means that I have grateful food receptacles on site.

“Biscuits” is not exactly the right name but I get it – it’s close and gives people a frame of reference. They are a bit sweeter than typical biscuits and yet not to the point of the muffin – a pastry that is either so lacking in self-confidence that it compensates with obscene amounts of sugar in its sad plea for approval, or, is possibly a tool of Big Cake trying to lure people into eating its product for breakfast. (That can’t be it; Americans will happily eat crap 24/7).

Achieving that balance is one of its many attributes but it’s the honey-butter glaze – brushed on while still warm – that sets them apart and breaks facebook groups. It adds texture and sheen and a sweet, luscious finish.

I used a Pyrex pan and they turned out perfectly cooked despite mistakenly baking them at 450 for the first 20 minutes (I really need to stop reading recipes on my phone).