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Get a load of this stunner. If summer were a pie…

The blueberry flavor is optimized and heightened by combining whole berries with a blueberry puree and finished with a touch of lemon. All poured into a graham cracker crust and topped with a heavenly alloy of sweetened cream cheese and whipped cream. And all of it is chilled so yeah, imagine that.  I don’t typically go bananas for dessert but this one is so perfect in every way I made an exception.

I agree with the good people at Cook’s that this is all about fresh berries; frozen will not be the same. The good news is that even mediocre fruit will shine here due to the puree.

There is nothing about the recipe that requires advanced skills except the piping of the topping but, honestly, it’s not required. You can just spread it on top and no one will care. I’ve seen comments from others who have made it saying you don’t have to puree the berries separately and then strain, but merely mash them up as they cook. One cook even said they’ve made this successfully with peaches (and wouldn’t peaches and blueberries be a fun combo??).

Note the chill time of 4 hours minimum/24 hours max. It was great the first night but I had another piece the next night (24 hours +) and it was just as good. It will not last another day so don’t ask me how well it keeps beyond that.

Gorgeous photo by my friend, ace photographer Angela Garbot. Great as her pie pics are she will enhance other important parts of your life.

Photo: Angela Garbot Photography