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Remember when it seemed like people were throwing browned butter in everything?  Suddenly it was bringing new life to old favorites like Rice Krispie Treats, Mexican Wedding Cookies, and every butter-based sauce imaginable. And this is not just a theory, I have receipts.  Here’s a an article from Bon Appetit called “How To Make Brown Butter and Use it for Everything.”

Like many new things I suspect we all went a bit overboard in our collective enthusiasm but hey, it’s not a “cold-shoulder” blouse right? It’s probably got some longevity and will find a foothold in our culinary repertoire.

So Blondies.  The happy intersection of brownies and chocolate chip cookies.  Of course they’re great.

Cook’s brings a couple of twists in addition to the brown butter: corn syrup replaces the white sugar and there’s a formidable two tablespoons of vanilla to boost flavor.  Oh, and milk chocolate chips vs. the usual semi-sweet (but you’re good using whatever you have on hand).  I left out the pecans due to a workplace nut allergy and threw in a few more chips to compensate.

I was super annoyed to find that although I could have sworn I had a box of Maldon in my cupboard it was nowhere to be found when it came time for the optional (not optional) sprinkling on the blondies, so that element was sadly missing.  I do love my salty+sweet combo so a missed opportunity and an excuse to make these again.