From the April 2013 issue of Bon Appetit comes this very delicious, very easy Tikka. There are just a couple of things I want to say about it.

One, the spices are key so if yours are old, or if you have no idea how old they are, or if they have a paper price sticker and it says something like 39-cents, or if you’re cooking at my mom’s apartment, throw them out and buy a fresh bottle. I usually go through spices quickly enough that it’s not a problem but paprika seems to be one of the ones that lingers on long past its efficacy. Then it’s just red powder. Pretty, but pointless from a flavor perspective. In the case of this recipe I’m thinking it might be your ground coriander, if you have such a thing.

Second, you will never, ever, if you live to be as old as Brooke Astor, get the gunk off the wire rack you broil the chicken on. I even took the precaution of spraying mine with vegetable oil spray and still the yogurt mixture got into every tiny crevice of that damn thing. So hit it hard with the Pam and be prepared to spend some time with it after dinner. (Or maybe you’re a normal person and have a bristly scrub brush; that should work.)

As you can see I served this with basmati rice and green peas to make it a one-dish meal. I forgot to buy naan but that would be a perfect side (or you could even serve the Tikka on top of the naan).

Chicken Tikka Masala can be found right here on Epicurious.