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I wrote about this a year ago when I first made it but after making it again this weekend I felt compelled to tell you about it (and give you the recipe this time).

It is truly delicious and, aside from the dough rising, quick.  This time I threw some prosciutto on before it went in to the oven and some arugula when it came out, adding both protein and veggies.  I used about 1.5 oz. of prosciutto but keep in mind that it will shrink as it cooks so if you really want the meat to cover the pizza over-do it a little.  The greens were a handful of baby arugula tossed with 2 teaspoons of olive oil, some Maldon salt and fresh ground pepper (take it easy on the salt if you are using the prosciutto).

The crust might be my favorite part.  It’s chewy and a little crispy and tastes so good the next day you can eat it cold, right out of the fridge.  As I mentioned last time I made it, the cooking method – starting on the stove top and then into the oven – was, truthfully, fun.

Try the cheese, try the prosciutto, try some feta and olives, kale if you must.  Just remember: it will really only serve two. Or one if that person’s had a bad day.  Not that I endorse medicating oneself with food.  Well, ok, go ahead, it’s got to be better than opioids, right?