Some of you know that my husband, Charles Gerlach, suffered a traumatic brain injury in a bike race on October 1st when he collided with another cyclist (wearing his helmet as he always does). He was rushed to a nearby hospital with an excellent trauma center and went almost immediately into the OR.

In the 10 days since, he has made remarkable progress due to his health, determination, and the excellent care he is receiving. It will be a very long recovery but I feel confident that we will be successful and have our brilliant, kind, super- dad/husband/athlete/friend/neighbor back.

In the meantime, I am so grateful to live in an extraordinary neighborhood where people have rallied around to walk dogs, mow lawns, drive strong-willed teenagers to school, and cook for me. It touches me every time someone takes the time out of their own busy lives to make us a meal and further demonstrates the power of food as an expression of caring, love, and humanity. Thank you all so, so much.

I have also been so comforted by how many people — both old and dear friends and people I’ve never met — have let me know we’re in their thoughts and prayers.  You may think it is a small thing but I can assure you, it means so much.

I will be back to cooking and posting soon, I promise! I’ve got lots of posts ready to go so even though I don’t have my #1 fan to cook for right now, you’ll be hearing from me.

So stay tuned and always wear your helmet. Yes, even on the bike path! Don’t make me pull over and scold you because I will do it!