This is very serviceable frittata but not the best one I’ve ever made.  I prefer the thicker, heartier versions I’ve made before use 12 eggs vs. the 6 in this recipe.  

I have come to truly love and appreciate frittatas.  It’s like a great, big, easy omelet that can be a main dish, an appetizer, breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They are so adaptable and quick and great for your resident vegetarian or your non-meat meals.  I also love its Spanish cousin, the tortilla which, as far as I can tell, is distinguished from a frittata primarily by incorporating lots of yummy potatoes.  Frittata, omelet, tortilla, it’s all one big happy family including that exotic cousin the kookoo.

Conveniently, a version of Gwyneth’s frittata is on her website, GOOP.