Damn, she even makes good french toast.

Her value added elements: coarse sugar (I used some demerara sugar that someone — was it you Mary Jenner? — brought me from Hawaii) and real vanilla seeds scraped from a bean.  The sugar adds a really nice crunch.

In my experience the success of French toast, like pancakes, is largely a matter of knowing your stove and getting the right heat level under your pan (or griddle).  This recipes says medium-high heat, which on my Viking means medium, but even at that I felt the bread was cooking a tad rapidly.  Know your stove and adjust accordingly.  And of course we’re only using real maple syrup, right?  Right?

The recipe can be found here but, once again, it’s the pesky British version (when are they going to get over this fetish with the metric system?) so I will tell you that you need 1 cup of milk (I used skim), 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter and that you should slice your challah 3/4″ thick.