It’s like my husband’s two favorite dishes — fish & chips and tacos — got married.  And after making these, I am never getting rid of that man!

These are really fantastic.  The beer batter is wonderful and easy and even though I did not make all of the accompaniments, I can say that the brilliant pico de gallo — employing the always-reliable cherry tomatoes so it can be made any time of year — is excellent and will be made again and again. 

Tacos are great because they accommodate meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, picky eaters, allergy sufferers, and those with irrational but firmly-held food biases.  Everyone gets to creat their own little meal and everyone is happy.

Just a couple of notes on cooking the fish: she doesn’t tell you but I found that medium heat worked about right for frying.  Also, you will need to cook these in batches (I did three) and be sure to let the oil temp come back up to 350 before adding each batch.  Also, rather than heating the corn tortillas in a skillet, I just arranged them on two cookies sheets, sprayed both sides with Pam, and baked for about 10 minutes at 350.

With 1-1/2 lbs. of fish (I used cod), this made enough for four of us and there were enough leftovers that I made these lovely little sandwiches the next night:

(These are just sub rolls, arugula, and a little sriacha mayo).

Anyone ready to jump on the Gwyneth bandwagon yet?  Or are you waiting for her mac & cheese?