One of my favorite cookbooks for weeknight meals is Best 30-Minute Recipes from America’s Test Kitchen.  In the chapter entitled “Starting with Leftovers” I discovered the brilliance of the Tostada.

To give you the short-cut, spray some corn tortillas with Pam, bake until crispy, then top with just about anything and cheese and return to the oven to warm it all up.

Although the original recipe uses chicken, it quickly became apparent to me that you really could put anything on these puppies.  Like what?  Well, leftover pork roast, chicken from making stock, beans or refried beans (either leftover or from a can), shrimp, any type of fish (as kind of an open-faced fish taco), rice or rice and beans, leftover barbequed pork or chicken, scrambled eggs, pot roast, tofu, leftover grilled flank steak, meatloaf?  Hey, why not?  You get my point.  Add a nice salad and you have made yourself a decent and delicious meal from stuff in the fridge in about 24 minutes.