It’s a rainy Monday here and while not exactly cold by the standards we will soon be numbly familiar with, it’s not pleasant either. It’s the kind of night when you take the dogs for a walk and they get down to business quickly and turn right back for home.

You need soup on such a night.

This one caught me eye on the home page of Cook’s Country, the sister publication to Cook’s Illustrated. I had half a leftover boule in the fridge and I love when I ‘m able to do something frugal and Depression-era like make croutons out of stale bread. It’s stuff like that that gets you into heaven, I’m quite sure.

This soup was delicious and easy. Including the croutons and the chopping I think it took me 45 minutes all together. If you feel like adding some contrast or nutritional value you could throw some spinach or kale in at the end.

White Bean Soup with Rosemary Croutons, from Cook’s