My problem with this salad can probably best be summed up in one shocking statement: I don’t actually like peaches.  I hate to be the world’s biggest party-pooper, and right in the midst of High Peach Season, and I know you will say that I have probably never had a really “good” peach and you may be right but how many chances do I have to give these things? 

Even if I liked peaches, however, they seem to be unlikely candidates for the grill.  They are so delicate and easily bruised and, when they’re ripe, the mere act of peeling them practically turns them into pie filling.  And maybe I man-handled mine too much; the picture of Sara’s salad shows perfect little in-tact peach slices nestled among the goat cheese, ham and arugula.

Mushiness aside, there was something about the flavors in this salad that did not appeal to me.  I love sweet and salty together so, in theory, peaches and ham should be terrific.  In the end, I thought the salad would have been much better without the peaches.

If you love peaches and live for peach season, please go ahead and try this salad.  You will probably love it.  And if you want to skip the grilling I’m ok with that too.