I have made many recipes like this one.  You marinate a pork tenderloin, apply some type of wonderful glaze and grill it, re-applying the glaze as it cooks.  And this one didn’t fare any better than any of those.  The problem being that none of this imparts much flavor beyond the surface of the meat.  Even marinating doesn’t help.  And most of the glazes are sweet and burn quickly on a hot grill.  Even the outside does not retain much of the flavors from the glaze; it just tastes like burnt syrup.

An imagine how annoyed I was about all of that after having searched for pepper jelly in three different stores.  All for naught.

It’s a shame.  Tenderloin is such an easy-to-find, reasonably-sized cut of pork.  And fairly healthy too.  But why eat pork if it’s just going to end up like chicken breasts?  Until I find a way to make a moist and flavorful pork tenderloin, I’ll stick with the fattier cuts.

If you’d like to try it you can find the recipe here.