If you’ve never made yeasted waffles before you really need to get on it.  It’s not a dish for the spontaneous as it requires an overnight rest in the fridge but, other than that, there’s nothing standing in your way to experiencing breakfast (or in the case, dinner) ecstasy.

The main difference between regular waffles and yeasted ones is — are you ready to write this down? — yeast.  The yeast, and I suspect the overnight rest, give them a tang and crispiness that make them mildly addictive.  Cook’s says they “refined and complex” and I couldn’t agree more.  Personally, I aspire to be refined and complex so I’m going to work more of these into my diet.

Because I’d made Cook’s regular yeasted waffles before, I decided to try the blueberry variation this time.  Wild berries are best because they are smaller and will release less liquid, thus not disturbing your liquid-to-dry ratio too much. I was lucky to find frozen wild blueberries at my new favorite place on earth, Mariano’s Fresh Market.