I know, I know, I poke fun at Martha. A lot. In my defense I’d like to think 1. she’s asking for it and 2. she’s crying all the way to the bank.  And 3. she has no earthly idea who I am and never will (unless she’d like to talk about buying out KateCookstheBooks.com because I will sell out in a New York minute!)

Reader, you may be shocked to know that once upon a time I owned all of her gorgeous coffee table books and subscribed early on to Martha Stewart Living.  And I will argue to this day that she represents an important chapter in Feminist history. Strange as it may sound now, it was a real epiphany in the 1980s to be told that it was ok to like cooking and ok to like having a nice house (and to knit, and to craft and to make a fetish out of something like ironing or disinfecting your garden tools or…oh damn, there I go again!)

All of which is to say that while I may not currently follow the Queen of all Omnimedia, I’m willing to listen to what she has to say from time to time.  And that time is now and this is the cookbook.

Let’s see what she’s got, shall we?