When I threw this book out as a possibility on my Facebook page I was stunned at the visceral reaction many people had. “Anybody but Gwyneth!” for example. Or “I just want to smash her face into her own vegetable paella” (ok, I made that one up but I think it captures the spirit of the comments.  Shame on all of you!).

And I think I understand. How can you not at least be annoyed by someone who seems to succeed at everything she tries: acting, singing, thinking up names for children that are weird even by Hollywood standards. Thank God it’s all tempered by her average looks. And many of you are skeptical that she eats, let alone cooks.

But I thought about it more.  Isn’t part of my mission to go beyond the cover and delve into the substance of a cookbook?  Wouldn’t you want to know if this were a truly wonderful cookbook?  If she can really deliver “easy recipes that celebrate family and togetherness” why not cut her an inch of slack? Come on peeps, what did she ever do to you? And you know you love her on “Glee.” Furthermore, this is the number-one selling cookbook on Amazon right now, doesn’t that pique your interest just a bit?

Also, she is my all-time favorite Emma.

So open your mind and give this poor, homely woman the benefit of the doubt. If not for her own sake than for the sake of “St. Elsewhere” which was a truly epic show.