It occurred to me, as I was eating these mind you, that they are very, very healthy. Corn tortillas that are just sprayed with a little vegetable cooking spray and baked, sauted onions and peppers with garlic, some cole slaw mix tossed with lime, and your own re-fried beans that are just canned pinto beans. A couple of ounces of cheese and a tiny bit of sour cream add just enough fat to make it flavorful. They are crunchy and delicious and highly adaptable. The minimal effort of toasting the tostadas yourself pays off big time here.

Don’t be shy with the salt shaker on these as they do need some help. I discovered that the lime I intended to use had seen better days so that very important bit of acid was missing and I think that made them a tiny bit bland.

This will feed three people and probably more if you are serving anything else.