I’m sure you know someone who’s avoiding gluten and you are maybe a little bit sad for them about all of the gluten-filled treats they’re missing.  And maybe your friend has a birthday and maybe you’re especially sad that they can’t have birthday cake.

Weep no more.

In case you didn’t already know, King Arthur Flour has amazing products but also has a wonderful catalog of online recipes.  In my experience the recipes work and are consistently delicious.  Even better, there are lots of comments from other bakers and the good folks at KA seem to be quite responsive to the problems and questions people post.

So I turned to them with confidence to make a birthday cake for my gluten-free friend.

This one uses their Gluten-Free All-Purpose Baking Mix (vs. gluten-free flour), the difference, apparently, is that it has baking powder plus lots of other things I assume are need to approximate regular flour.  It’s like a gluten-free Bisquick — you can also use it for pancakes, coffeecake, waffles, etc.  You can order from their website or Amazon but you might be able to find it at Whole Foods as they seem to stock a good selection of King Arthur products.

I am not in the habit of shilling for anyone including my beloved King Arthur (although KA people?  I’m not rigid on that.  Slide into my DMs and we’ll talk) but I encourage you to grab some of this stuff because this cake was, no lie, indistinguishable from “regular” cake.  And not just passable regular cake but really, really good regular cake.

And here is Arezoo, the birthday girl, about to take a dainty bite.