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Does it seem like everyone is trying to do something different, or quirky, or artisanal, or “maker” with mac and cheese? It’s on menus from dive bars to foam boutiques, paired with PBRs and boldly-priced malbecs.  Like pizza,  it’s basic enough to accommodate experimentation but familiar and unintimidating to most of the public.  So the usual trend-marking add-ins start showing up: sriracha, lobster, truffles, sweet potatoes, as well some new ones including — and I provide this link to show I am absolutely not making this up — white chocolate.  I’m sure someone has made it with cold brew coffee or kambucha, I just don’t have the time to google it right now.  And then there are people who have the chutzpah to tell you to make the boxed version but add your own “Italian flavored” breadcrumbs and shamelessly proffer it as a “recipe.”

Molly’s has melty, bubbly gruyere, onions cooked within an inch of their lives,and  toasted panko — It’s like French onion soup, without the pesky soup.  It’s deeply delicious and intensely satisfying.  It’s the kind of dish that makes people jump up to help clear plates because they know that will give them license and opportunity to sneak a few more bites in the relative privacy of the kitchen, because God knows they can’t actually eat a third serving in plain sight.  Sometimes that person is me.  And it’s pretty sad behavior when I’m eating by myself.