I had two worries as I made this recipe.

First, that the crystallized ginger would be too harsh but it was absolutely perfect, adding a judicious bit of brightness and contrast to all the sweet lusciousness.

Second, the shortcake dough was so flaky as I assembled that I feared it would crumble to bits when I cut the cakes in half.  I sliced with trepidation, nerves of steel and a good bread knife and was relieved when they maintained their corporal integrity beautifully.

What I should have been worried about was how much I’d want to eat every last one of them.  They were phenomenally good.


  • My one lemon did not yield nearly the required 4 teaspoons of lemon zest so get at least two just to be safe.
  • I made them through step 3 the night before and just left in the freezer on the tray until the next morning (I also prepped the blueberry filling the night before).
  • Rather than cut into six pieces I went slightly smaller and cut into 8.
  • I found that there was way too much whipped cream (if that’s even a thing) so feel free to cut that back to maybe 1/2 cup.
  • Finally, before baking I dusted with turbinado sugar (vs. granulated) because I like that it maintains its crunch after baking.  Turns out it was yet another genius innovation by me.

Next time, in addition to reducing the whipped cream, I will add a few more blueberries because they really deserve the spotlight.

Could you do this with strawberries?  Yes!  Strawberries and rhubarb?  Sure!  Acai?  Well…  Rambutan?  Stop showing off.