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Another favorite from Cook’s Illustrated’s The Best 30-Minute Recipes and another great option for vegetarians, or flexitarians having a meat-free night.  And, with the exception of the shiitakes, a good choice for Cheapetarians (thanks to the brilliant use of those perennially inexpensive ramen noodles minus the nasty sodium “flavor” packet).  Seriously, are ramen noodles secretly some kind of government-subsidized food?  They were 4 for $1 when I was in college and they still seem to be about the same price.  Or maybe there aren’t many variables or market fluctuations in the pressed-noodle brick industry.  Or maybe these are the same ones they were selling at the Bloomington, Indiana Kroger in 1983.  Who would know?  Which means post-apocalypse we could be left with Keith Richards and ramen noodles.  Party on.

What I love about this dish is right there in its name: it’s hot and it’s sour.  There is so much flavor in the broth thanks in part to just a squirt of the almighty Srircha sauce.  It’s just a little spicy and if you don’t like tofu you can easily leave it out.  Or substitute some leftover chicken, pork, or beef.  Sometimes I serve this alone but tonight I added some frozen edamame.  If you buy pre-sliced mushrooms (like I do) this won’t even take the 30 minutes advertised.