Tomatoes get the lion’s share of attention this time of year, and rightly so, but let’s not forget how insanely delicious blueberries and peaches are right now.  I’ve been a tad obsessed with blueberries in particular, eating half a pint every morning with Greek yogurt and my own granola and pulling up all my favorite blueberry-centric recipes.  Such is my mania that I bought a 5-lb. box at the farmers’ market and when the sweet, unsuspecting fruit monger told me I could stick the whole box directly in the freezer (assuming I could not possibly eat them before they went bad) I gave him what I hoped was some “Jeremy-Irons-you-have-no-idea” side-eye and said “These won’t make it through the week, sustainable farmer.”

A crisp may not excite you unduly.  It doesn’t use mezcal or cold-brew or sous-vide or man buns anything on-trend.  Rather, it lets the fleeting glory of the seasonal fruit shine, enhanced only with a little lemon zest and juice which adds the perfect amount of acid against all the fatty lusciousness of the butter and sugar and nuts.

Although the recipe tells you that 5 peaches will yield 5 cups of wedges I used 6 and only got 4 cups, so I threw in an extra cup of blueberries.  Of course it was terrific but it was uniformly purple – no cheeky bits of peach showing anywhere.

CI tested “everything from Grape-Nuts to cookie crumbs” for the topping, settling on nuts and butter and flour and sugar and it’s spot on.  It wasn’t until I typed the recipe below that I noticed the instruction to increase the oven temp to 400 for the last five minutes of cooking so I’m going to call that optional.