This fell flat for me and I’m not sure why.  I suspect the (suggested) addition of sour cream might be the culprit but I can’t put my finger on it.  Certainly no fault of the recipe, in fact when I checked back with the Milk Street Facebook group I saw that this was a huge hit with others.  They offer the option of serving over rice and somehow I think I would have preferred it that way.

I’m going to challenge the 25-minute “start to finish” time promised; it is fast but if you have to peel, devein and de-tail your shrimp, slice garlic cloves, chop oregano, warm tortillas and chop an onion, it may be more like 40 minutes.

See for yourself. Here’s a link to the recipe and I sure hope this dude has permission to reprint but hey, that’s his problem.  It’s a blog eat blog world.

Ending on a positive note, here’s a completely unsolicited plug for Mighty Vine tomatoes, which I used in the sauce.  If you live in, as we call it, the “greater Chicagoland area,” you can get them at Jewel or Whole Foods (among others).  They are honest-to-Ceres summer-quality  tomatoes available year-round which makes me a little light-headed.  I swear I am just a fan although if the Mighty Vine folks want to talk, I’m shockingly easily bought.