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This recipe attempts to solve a couple of eggplant problems: excessive moisture and an unpleasant texture best described as “spongy.”  Grilling (vs. other cooking methods) itself solves the moisture by letting it all drip away.  To avoid sponginess we are slicing into 1/4″ slices.

And it was half successful.

Despite achieving some seriously impressive consistency with my 1/4″ eggplant slices, they did end up a bit spongy, leathery, and dry.  I’m not sure what the fix is; I brushed them with garlic oil which was immediately absorbed and didn’t seem to preserve moisture.  Maybe more olive oil?  Maybe brushing it on immediately before cooking?

However, the sauce saved the day.  Oh yum is it good.  A little garlic oil, greek yogurt, fresh mint, lemon juice and zest and cumin come make a bright, tangy and interesting topping for what, in the end, were vaguely eggplant-flavored coasters. Instead of the whole-milk yogurt called for I used the 2% I had on hand and honestly I think you could use any kind.  But don’t skip the mint, it’s magical.

Although our quest for non-spongy eggplant must continue, these were absolutely delicious the next day, wrapped in a flour tortilla.