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If you want to serve something to the vegetarians in your life that will make the meat eaters drool, Pin this right now.  It’s an absolute star of a meatless entree that is no way an after-thought or an apology.

As I was preparing this, and especially when I sat down to take the pic and then eat, I worried about how much there was going on between the buns.  Mushrooms, filling (feta, roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes), grilled onions, basil-mayo AND arugula.  If this were an outfit on Project Runway, Tim Gunn would say “that’s a lot of look.”  But one bite was enough to dispel my skepticism.  It all works and every flavor is important and distinct.  I’m not sure how it works, it just does.

You are instructed to use the extra mushroom marinade to brush on the onion slices but I found this nearly impossible since there was very little marinade left and what was left clung to the ziploc bag for dear life.  As a remedy, I noted in the instructions below to reserve 1 tablespoon before adding the mushrooms.

With everything going on on the grill (in addition to the mushrooms and onions I had eggplant from another recipe) I couldn’t get my act together to also grill the buns.  So they went into the good old fashioned toaster and life went on.