You didn’t think I ate cake all the time did you?  We all know how that ends.

It’s all about balance, which is a palatable way of saying: sometimes you have to eat healthy things.

But healthy does not have to mean penance or deprivation.  There are many, many dishes that live in the happy intersection of of healthy and delicious and this one is among them.

It will all come together in the 10-15 minutes it takes to cook the quinoa and delivers flavor, texture and probably lunch for several days.

I used “Rainbow Quinoa” and I’m going to say it was an intentional shout-out to Gay Pride Month even though I’m just realizing that now.  I also used some homemade vinaigrette I had leftover from a previous dish but I did throw the diced shallots in for verisimilitude.  [I just realized I did not rinse and drain the quinoa before cooking and lived to tell about it.  Wonder why you would do this before boiling??].  You can leave the rotisserie chicken out to make it vegetarian and vegan or add any leftover protein you have on hand.

And I did NOT have cake for desert; I had Toll House cookies.  Hashtag balance.