Since I am limited in how many recipes I can reproduce on my site (go figure, it’s like Molly wants to make money off her hard work and ingenuity or something) I’m going to just give you some guidelines on how to make this stupendous pizza.  The dough is from Jim Lahey of “no-knead bread” fame and, fortunately, is readily available.

The rest is simple.  It makes two pizzas so once you divide it, roll out to 10″ in diameter, spread with whole-milk ricotta, then a little shaved Parmesan, salt and pepper, caramelized onion, and some shaved butternut squash* brushed with olive oil (and I LOVE that you don’t have to break down an ornery squash for this recipe, truly one of the most dangerous and harrowing kitchen tasks).  Preheat the oven and baking stone to 500-degrees.  While the pizza cooks (about 12-15 minutes for me), toss some arugula with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Top the cooked pizza with the arugula, some crushed red pepper flakes, and additional Parmesan, if desired.

If you’re familiar with Jim Lahey’s bread you will know how very working-person-friendly it is: throw all four ingredients into a bowl one night and your dough will be ready when you get home from work the next day.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you this is easier and quicker (and cheaper) than ordering.  Of course you can put whatever you like on your pizza and once you come under the spell of this easy and delicious dough I wager you’ll be making your own pizza all the time.

Because I made this just for me, I froze half the dough so I will report back on how that turned out.

*because you will only use a little bit of a butternut squash for this pizza, I recommend you use the rest to make Molly’s Tomato and Squash Soup.