I cannot begin to tell you how hard I fell for this.

As promised it’s sweet and sour but also luscious without being unctuous.  I followed the advice in the comments section and sauteed cubed eggplant in the same pan before adding the other ingredients, no need to roast separately.  I used my dutch oven and I recommend it to give you room to stir without making a big splattery mess on your stove. The abundance of eggplant, peppers and tomatoes in the farmer’s markets is a good reason to make this right now, but it will work any time thanks to canned tomatoes and the fact that eggplant is weirdly available all the time (I somehow forgot to buy an onion so that’s missing).

Here’s what else is great about this dish:

    • It makes a ton.  You will have more than enough for an appetizer and plenty left over to snack on over the next few days.
    • It can be — arguably should be — made ahead.
    • It’s healthy.  Mostly vegetables with some olive oil.
    • It happens to be vegetarian and vegan.

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  • It’s versatile.  Eggs?  Pasta?  Brilliant.  Saute a chicken breast, slice it and spoon some of this magic gravy over it and you’ve got something worth eating.

Caponata is part of this nutritious breakfast!