A Sunday afternoon impulse abetted by the presence of leftover baby potatoes on their last legs as well as an abundance of duck fat from the cassoulet soiree.  The only ingredient I did not have was parsley and I wish I did because it would have provided much-needed contrast to fifty shades of brown.  But parsley was not going to stand in the way of Sunday-afternoon-winter-potato-self-care.  No way.

And let me tell you.  If you don’t think small, creamy potatoes, steamed and then lovingly browned in duck fat, subsequently covered in onions lovingly sauteed in butter are good, then we have irreconcilable world views.  Good luck with yours.

The recipe is from the New York Times.  Serve them with nothing.  Well, if you must then go ahead and accompany them with some kind of steak or duck or top with a runny, crispy egg.