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Apparently a Minneapolis tavern specialty, the Juicy Lucy is a burger with the cheese — are you sitting down? — inside.

Wow, way to blow our minds, half of the Twin Cities!  I’m not sure what the advantage is to a cheese surprise but it’s a cheeseburger and I adore them.

The problem solved with this burger is mainly one of dryness.  In order to cook it long enough to get the cheesy interior to melt, you have to over-cook the meat.  Until now!  Cook’s solves this with one of their favorite tricks: the panade.  A paste of bread (I use those random left over hot dog or hamburger buns in my freezer) and milk that you fold into the beef that keeps it moist even if cooked to that unholy state of “well done.”  And I can testify that it works because I somehow skipped the part where I was supposed to turn the grill burners down to medium and definitely over-cooked these suckers.  And still they were good. Truly juicy with a really nice flavor.  A very good recipe.

The cheese is…I guess cute is the best word, but maybe not cute enough to go to the trouble again.  Not to mention that because you’re splitting 1 slice among 4 burgers you are obviously suffering a net loss of cheese, and because we are a nation that directs a lot of its ingenuity into thinking of ways to get MORE cheese on our pizzas, I’m going to say this is something up with which we will not put.

BUT, if you are having a Prince-themed cook out, or want to punk your guests into thinking you forgot to cheese their burgers, or maybe you just like oozy things (and I judge you not)…

Juicy Lucy 2

you are all set.